Jottings of New York: A Descriptive Poem (William McGonagall)

Jottings of New York: A Descriptive Poem

by William McGonagall

Oh mighty City of New York! you are wonderful to behold,
Your buildings are magnificent, the truth be it told,
They were the only thing that seemed to arrest my eye,
Because many of them are thirteen storeys high.

And as for Central Park, it is lovely to be seen,
Especially in the summer season when its shrubberies and trees are green;
And the Burns’ statue is there to be seen,
Surrounded by trees, on the beautiful sward so green;
Also Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott,
Which by Englishmen and Scotchmen will ne’er be forgot.

There the people on the Sabbath-day in thousands resort,
All loud, in conversation and searching for sport,
Some of them viewing the menagerie of wild beasts there,
And also beautiful black swans, I do declare.

And there’s beautiful boats to be seen there,
And the joyous shouts of the children do rend the air,
While the boats sail along with them o’er Lohengrin Lake,
And the fare is five cents for children and adults ten is all they take.

And there’s also summer-house shades and merry-go-rounds,
And with the merry laughter of the children the Park resounds
During the livelong Sabbath day,
Enjoying the merry-go-round play.

Then there’s the elevated railroads, about five storeys high,
Which the inhabitants can see and hear night and day passing by,
Oh! such a mass of people daily do throng,
No less than five hundred thousand daily pass along,
And all along the City you can get for five cents,
And, believe me, among the passengers there are few discontent.

And the top of the houses are all flat,
And in the warm weather the people gather to chat,
Besides on the house-tops they dry their clothes,
And also many people all night on the house-tops repose.

And numerous ships and steamboats are there to be seen,
Sailing along the East River Water so green;
’Tis certainly a most beautiful sight
To see them sailing o’er the smooth water day and night.

And Brooklyn Bridge is a very great height,
And fills the stranger’s heart with wonder at first sight,
But with all its loftiness, I venture to say,
For beauty it cannot surpass the new Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tay.

And there’s also ten thousand rumsellers there,
Oh! wonderful to think, I do declare!
To accommodate the people of That city therein,
And to encourage them to commit all sorts of sin.

And on the Sabbath-day, ye will see many a man
Going for beer with a tin can,
And seems proud to be seen carrying home the beer
To treat his neighbours and family dear.

Then at night numbers of the people dance and sing,
Making the walls of their houses to ring
With their songs and dancing on Sabbath night,
Which I witnessed with disgust, and fled from the sight.

And with regard to New York and the sights I did see,
One street in Dundee is more worth to me,
And, believe me, the morning I sailed from New York
For Bonnie Dundee, my heart it felt as light as a cork.


Jottings Travel Agency – New York


Visit the mighty City of NEW YORK, USA, with Jottings Travel Agency! New York is the most beautiful city in the world, with magnificent buildings that will arrest your eye and the lovely Central Park. Travel through the city with elevated railroads and ask the way to friendly people. Take a walk over the very high Brooklyn Bridge, and enjoy the beautiful view of the East River Water with a lot of boats. A trip to NEW YORK will never ever be boring! Choose for Jottings Travel Agency to plan a trip for you to NEW YORK, and you will have the best vacation you have ever had.

In this brochure, you will find some more information about all the things you can do in the beautiful city of NEW YORK and very positive reviews from our very satisfied customers.


Central Park

If you visit NEW YORK, the lovely Central Park is the place to be! Central Park is the largest park in the city and one of the largest city parks in the world. The best time to visit Central Park is during the summer season, because during the summer, all the trees and shrubberies are super green. In Central Park, there are even more than 500.000 of them! Not only the many trees in Central Park are beautiful, but you can also take a look at the statues that you can find in the park. Burn, Shakespeare and Sir Walter Scott can all be found on their pedestal. Central Park is very popular among the local inhabitants, that come to the park for a conversation, search for sport or view the menagerie of wild beasts that live in Central Park. Of all the wild beasts living in the park, the black swans are the most beautiful of them. The Lohengrin Lake in Central Park is so big, there are even sailing boats over the lake! The fare for sailing on such a boat is only five cents for children and ten cents for the adults. There are a lot of things to do in Central Park, especially for the children. They enjoy playing in the shades of the summer-house or taking a trip on the merry-go-rounds. You can hear the merry laughter of the children resound in the whole park!


Elevated railroads

Tired of walking through this wonderful city? Get around the city in the very accessible elevated railroads! Traveling by elevated railroad is very fast – you are on the other side of Manhattan in less than 28 minutes – and it will give you an amazing view of the city’s skyline, because these railroads are more than five story’s high. The elevated railroads are very popular among the NEW YORK inhabitants, with around five hundred thousand users per day. And the best part of the elevated railroads is the price! You get around Manhattan by elevated railroads for only 5 cents! In other words, if you visit NEW YORK city, you can’t miss a ride by the elevated railroads.


East River Water

Take a relaxing walk along the green East River Water, in order to have a beautiful sight at numerous ships passing by. Steamboats, sailboats, you name them and they are sailing over the smooth water of the river. In the early days of NEW YORK, the East River Water was the most used and most important channel of the world, now it is certainly a very beautiful sight for a relaxing walk during the hot summer days. Walk by during evening or night time and the look of the ships is even more beautiful! The view of all those of boats will stun you. Even for the non-boat lovers, a walk along the East River Water is a must while visiting NEW YORK!


Brooklyn Bridge

One of the bridges that cross the East River is the Brooklyn Bridge, which is with 41 meters at a very great height. The Brooklyn Bridge is the best way to travel from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge will give you an amazing view of the NEW YORK city skyline. The bridge is the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed and with a main span of 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m) it is the longest suspension bridge in the world as today. Not only the dazzling dimensions of this wonderful bridge will amaze you, but its beauty too. The Brooklyn Bridge will fill every stranger’s hart with wonder at first sight!


The people

Not only the city sights are amazing in NEW YORK, but also the people that live in the city are very friendly and happy. When it is warm outside the people in the city gather on the streets or on their flat rooftops to chat about all sort of things. They often hang their clothes on the house-tops to dry them, which gives the streets of NEW YORK a cheerful look. The roofs of the houses are super flat, so people even sleep on them, when it’s warm outside. Asking the way in the city is never uncomfortable or weird, because all the people in the city are very friendly and always able to help you



My trip to New York with Jottings Travel Agency was the worst ever. The sights of New York were nice I guess, but the people living there are disgusting. There are more than thousands of rumsellers on the streets in and around the city, to accommodate and encourage the people living and visiting the city to commit all sorts of sin! All the men here are drinking all the time, even on Sabbath-day. They even seem proud to carry those bears with them! They probably treat their neighbors and family with these cans of beer…

Jottings Travel Agency promised me that my hotel would be in a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood, but that wasn’t the case at all. At night, people in the neighborhood were making all sort of noises. They danced and sung so loud that the wall of their houses were ringing. Even on the holy Sabbath day! I witnessed it with disgust, and fled from the sight as fast as I could. The trains going around New York over the elevated railroads were all super loud, and super early. When all the people finally stopped partying, and I finally could get some rest, the passing by train kept me out of sleep.

You could say that traveling with the elevated railroads were somewhat special, but the people traveling by the elevated railroads where super irritating. There was way too many of them and they were all thronging in order to get a good place on the train. I believe that, among the passengers, are even a few discontent.

Visiting the Brooklyn Bridge as Jottings Travel Agency suggested was rather boring. Even with all its loftiness, I venture to think, that for beauty it cannot surpass the new Railway Bridge of the Silvery Tray.

With regard to New York and all the sights I did see of this city, even one street in Dundee is more worth to me than that whole city. The morning I finally sailed away from that dreadful city of New York, with all those rumsellers, back to home, my heart felt as light as cork. I’m never ever going to travel with Jottings Travel Agency again!

PDF – Jottings of New York: A Descriptive Poem brochure

by Bas Bouman


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